Agent Source Token a6c9d511-9239-4de8-a266-b013f5bd8764
Consumes Artifacts domain-list
Subject Coverage All discussions on Reddit
Object Coverage All DOIs, all Article Landing Pages
Data Contributor Reddit
Data Origin Discussions on Reddit
Freshness Every few hours
Identifies Linked DOIs
License Creative Commons CC0 1.0 Universal (CC0 1.0)
Looks in The link that corresponds to each discussion
Name Reddit Links
Operated by Crossref
Produces Evidence Records Yes
Produces relation types discusses
Source ID reddit
Updates or deletions None expected

What it is

Users share and discuss links on Reddit. The Reddit Source looks at the links that are shared and detects if any of them are DOIs or links to Article Landing Pages. It is different to the Reddit Links Source in that it looks for discussions of Registered Content (rather than discussions of webpages that themselves discuss Registered Content).

What it does

  • Scans every article Landing Page domain in the domain-list, including
  • Makes a query to the Reddit API for discussions that occurred for pages on that domain.
  • For each link discussed, attempts to reverse it back to a DOI.

Example Event

  "license": "",
  "obj_id": "",
  "source_token": "a6c9d511-9239-4de8-a266-b013f5bd8764",
  "occurred_at": "2016-01-26T01:49:17Z",
  "subj_id": "",
  "id": "0003a012-e3fd-4d2f-8c18-1d8b7bb07e20",
  "evidence_record": "",
  "terms": "",
  "action": "add",
  "subj": {
    "pid": "",
    "type": "post",
    "title": "Prognostic Indicators for Ebola Patient Survival",
    "issued": "2016-01-26T01:49:17.000Z"
  "source_id": "reddit",
  "obj": {
    "pid": "",
    "url": ""
  "timestamp": "2017-02-22T17:16:17Z",
  "relation_type_id": "discusses"

Evidence Record

  • Includes landing-page-url type observations.

Edits / Deletion

We don't expect to have to edit or delete any Events.


None known.

Failure modes

  • The Reddit API may be unavailable.
  • Publisher sites may block the Event Data Bot collecting Landing Pages.

Further information